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3 Step Program

The Simple Steps To Generate More Income From Your
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Position yourself as an expert in your field, naturally attract raving fan clients and get paid well for the outcome you deliver. Now is the time to build your personal brand, find direction and the momentum your business needs, with a marketing action plan that rocket launches your business.

Simple to follow 3 step program to develop a strong personal brand and become the go-to expert.

1. Know Me

“So what do you do?”
How would you like to answer that in a powerful and meaningful way that engages with prospects and gets them saying “Wow, I really need to talk with you more about that”.

2. Like Me

"Do I like you?"
Learn how to uncover your Personal Communication Style and naturally attract people you love to work with, who will become your raving fans and do your marketing for you.

3. Trust Me

"What are you worth?"
As a specialist, you can set yourself apart from the competition and command a higher price. This is the most essential step in developing a proven way to be paid more for your services.

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"When you’re in a market of professionals where your brand has to be you. This program helps you identify your key strengths and then market yourself in a way that makes you stand out."

Rachel Berry
Bold Business

“The biggest thing you did for us was getting us started down the path that we’re on now. The vision of the company, fostering the culture, future planning and focus of the company.”

Aaron Waddington
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Personal Brand Marketing specialist, best selling author and speaker, Lauren Clemett will help you get 100% more clarity on how to position and market yourself and your business with her INSIGHTFUL, INTERACTIVE and FUN presentations.

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